Shower Steamers
Shower Steamers

Shower Steamers

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Our shower steamers are made with a blend of powerful essential oils and Menthol to create an amazing aromatherapy session in your shower. Each bar is approximately 3.5 oz and will last up to 6 showers. 

Headache blend contains cooling eucalyptus and crisp peppermint.

Sinus blend contains eucalyptus, camphor, menthol, and rosemary. 

Directions: Break off desired amount and place shower steamers out of direct stream of water. The steam from your shower will release the essential oils and fill your shower with a wonderful relaxing aromatherapy. 

You can also hang your steamer from a mesh bag from your shower head (out of the path of the water). We have also had a customer tell us she sets hers on the shelf in the shower and it lasts through multiple showers.  

The are not bath bombs. They are NOT INTENDED FOR USE IN A BATH.  The menthol and essential oils may irritate private parts.