About Us

Atop a hill in north central Mississippi sits an old white barn, sided in worn out oak planks, and steeped in history. Many years ago that “white barn” housed the working mules of Jessica’s great-grandfather, Kenneth. A man, who was known in this small farming community, for his quality working mules. Over the years that barn has housed goats, horses, cows, calves, and even pigs. The barn still stands today and currently houses chickens and firewood. 

The Oak Barn Soap Co. started in the kitchen of a small home overlooking that oak barn on the family-owned ranch. As a way to save money, Jessica made homemade laundry soap. When coming across a mention of handcrafted soap an interest was piqued and the years of research followed. After several years of studying, learning, and testing in October 2009 The Oak Barn Soap Co. was finally born. Today we still love to learn and create for you. 

We welcome you to our Oak Barn Family. Grab a glass of tea and join us on the porch swing. I just know you’ll love the view.